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May 2011 - Europe - Employer Branding Gobal Tour PDF Print E-mail
Written by EBO Editor   
Friday, 17 June 2011 13:47

Employer Brand International  (EBI) hosted Employer Branding Summit and Masterclass events in 6 cities beginning in Auckland on 10 May and then in Copenhagen, Belgium, Moscow, Madrid and Milan. These events were part of Brett Minchington's 2011 Employer Branding Global Tour.

It is through collaborations such as these events which will contribute to the ongoing development of the Employer Brand Concept in NZ, Europe and around the world.

To read tweets from the events please visit the twitter hastag #minchingtonEBtour or click here>

To view photos from the tour please click on the links below:


New Zealand - 2011 New Zealand Employer Branding and Engagement Summit

Denmark - 2011 Scandinavian Employer Branding and Engagement Summit

Belgium - Employer Brand Leadership International Masterclass

Russia - Employer Brand Leadership Trainings

Spain - Employer Brand Leadership International Masterclass

Italy - 2011 International Employer Branding and Engagement Summit


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Employer Branding: Engaging and keeping talent from the start PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alfonso JimĂ©nez   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 19:56

Why is talent important?

In a knowledge-based and service-oriented economy, competition actually takes place over one key issue: the talent of those involved in the business and engaged in the company’s success.

In the past, the competitive advantage of organizations focused in other factors: capital, financial assets, raw materials, specific technologies, patents or licenses. Nowadays, all the above are no longer barriers to competitiveness, but instead, most are widely accessible. In most businesses, the only driver for competitiveness is talent.

Moreover, talent, understood as the result of multiplying people competencies (what they know and, more importantly, what they can do or even what they can potentially be able to do if developed right) times their level of engagement, is a very rare asset.

Developed economies are experiencing a demographic crisis, in which there are less and less people and at the same time, the educational and professional level of those few is also lower.

For instance, in Spain, the number of young nationals is progressively decreasing from 30% of the overall population to the current 19% and moving towards 14% in the next few years.

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Delivering a signature employment experience PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brett Minchington   
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 18:05

Have you read Brett's new book,  Employer Brand Leadership-A Global Perspective?



The key moments of truth for your employer brand

Companies are increasingly realising that looking at only one part of the employee lifecycle e.g. recruitment, is simply not enough! Employee’s needs and motivators change over time during the course of their tenure. These changes may be influenced by lifestyle factors such as age, gender, experience, qualifications, marital status, stage of life, career aspirations, etc.

Your employer brand strategy must consider the complete picture and leaders need to carefully consider and plan how the employee experience impacts people at each touchpoint across the lifecycle. Smart Executives realise that a ‘one-size-fits’ all lifecycle strategy fails to optimise productivity.  Companies that segment and align the employee lifecycle as part of their employer brand strategy will benefit from maintaining higher levels of engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction and profit!

Where to begin!

A lifecycle mapping audit will identify any gaps in employee experience from pre-hire to re-hire and your future strategy will need to address these gaps to ensure your people policies, processes and systems are working to provide a signature employee experience. In theory it makes good sense, in practice, much work needs to be done as there are many moving parts to join up.  Segmenting and effectively managing the employee lifecycle will require a culture change for many companies.

The fifteen moments of truth

Whilst there will be variances depending on company size, scope and scale, the key ‘moments of truths’ across the employee lifecycle which will require your focus include:

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11 Employer branding best pactices to focus on in 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brett Minchington   
Saturday, 11 December 2010 08:29


Oringal article published at www.brettminchington.com

I've compiled a list below I wanted to share with you. The list includes 11 areas for leaders to focus their employer branding efforts on in 2011 based on some of the workforce changes we have encountered by the introduction of new technologies, global economic instability and the requirements of a modern workforce - one that is agile, adaptable and responsive to a constantly changing and highly competitive landscape.

It's great to see many more companies appointing employer brand leaders in 2010 to drive their organisation's employer brand strategy. I expect this trend to continue in 2011.

It is only with this focus will we see the continued evolution of the employer brand concept and employment offerings which on the whole, works towards achieving a much better match of the needs of employees with those of business.

Here is my top 11

1) Establish a real-time career development for employees


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Employee brands are not the new employer brand PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Price   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 19:18

Originally published by Nick Price at whateveryouthink.com


I’m writing this in something of a hurry but felt compelled to post based on a comment I saw from TruManchester that employer brands no longer exist and have been replaced by ‘employee brands’. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this and well done for pushing the argument, but I get the sense the argument here may well be positioned by those who would argue against the existence of employer brands in the first place. I may well be wrong, but show me how one employee (and if we are talking employee brand we are acknowledging an individual point of view)  directly replaces an organisation’s Employee Value Proposition which whilst one might argue its interpretation is still an important part of what constitutes an organisation’s employer brand.

There’s nothing that new here. I’m bored of hearing how social media is taking over the world and therefore organisation’s no longer control their own employer brand etc. etc.. It’s like it’s some new revelationary epiphany pushed by those evangelising that social media for those that get it and everyone else still penning their employer branding strategies and articulating their EVPs are going to get left in the stone age. It’s absolute nonsense.

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