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Whilst in the USA to conduct the USA Series of the Employer Branding Global Research Forum, EBI Chairman, Brett Minchington and Managing Partner Ryan Estis & Associates and EBI Senior Associate Ryan Estis discuss the role of leadership in employer branding. {mp3}ebi_chairman_and_ryan_estis{/mp3} Brett will be touring Europe in October with his Employer Brand Global Masterclass in Bad Nauheim 6 Oct, Instabul 8 Oct, Amsterdam 13 Oct, Warsaw 15 Oct and Paris 20 Oct. For further details please click here>  

Recent Employer Branding Survey results from Aberdeen Group

abstract from publishers website Organizations today are facing unprecedented pressures that impact their ability to attract and retain the talent they need to execute their business strategy. Organizations still face shortages of key skills in the marketplace, along with a workforce whose needs and expectations of their employers is rapidly changing, along with the uncertain global economy, and they are looking to their employer brand as a powerful tool to combat these challenges. This report looks at best practices in employer branding and helps leaders understand the capabilities, tools and strategies that are most effective for articulating, communicating and leveraging their organization's employer brand to drive businesses results. For further details about the survey please click here

Executive Summary Most would agree having a strong employer brand, a good reputation as an employer and a highly engaged workforce will deliver competitive advantage and superior financial results. A strong employer brand makes it easier for you to attract and retain talent. It positions you in the market for talent as a preferred employer. It stimulates word of mouth promotion about your organisation. It helps you deliver higher levels of customer service.  Importantly it is the main driver of value from your organisation’s intangible assets.